Sunday, August 2, 2015

CH1 - High Performance Web Sites

Chapter 1, Rule 1: Make Fewer HTTP Requests

Make fewer HTTP request by:

1- Image Maps: 

There are drawbacks to using image maps.Defining the area coordinates of the image map, if done manually, is tedious and error-prone

2- CSS Sprites: 
CSS sprites combine multiple images into a single image, an example of such an image:

To use an image from the sprite:

3- Inline Images:

<IMG ALT="Red Star"

URL scheme is not supported in Internet Explorer (up to and including version 7), there is a limitation on the size, sure it is not cached.

4- Combined Scripts and Stylesheets
Rather than having multiple CSS files, combine them in one file, same thing for Scripts files. Sure the idea is against writing a modular code, combine these files in the build process.

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