Saturday, August 8, 2015

CH10 - High Performance Web Sites

CHAPTER 10, Rule 10: Minify JavaScript

  1. Minification is  removing unnecessary characters from code to reduce its size, thereby improving load times.
  2. When code is minified, all comments are removed, as well as unneeded whitespace characters (space, newline, and tab).
  3. JSMin is good tool for minification.
  4. minification is good for external as well as internal scripts.
  5. sure, you can also minify CSS files.
  1. Like minification, it removes comments and whitespace.
  2. It also munges the code, function and variable names are converted into smaller strings making the code more compact, as well as harder to read.
  3. Make the code difficult to reverse-engineer.
  4. Because obfuscation is complex, it makes the code hard to maintain and debug, and it may introduce bugs.
  5. ShrinkSafe is a good tool for obfuscation.
  6. Minification is preferred over obfuscation.

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