Monday, January 27, 2014

Spring Course: V160 - V169 JSON and AJAX

Video 160: Creating a JSON Server
in this tutorial we talk about JACKSON, jackson is a library that converts java object to JSON and vice versa.

firstly we should add Jackson mapper dependencies which are jackson-mapper-asl and jackson-core-asl

then what you can do is this

the @ResponseBody will know that we are generating appplication/json and will convert the object to json

Sure JACKSON can be used in code, you can check this tutorial

Video 161: Updating Dynamically with JQuery
we talked about $.getJSON function, nothing related to SPRING

Video 162 Generating Pages with Javascript
nothing related to spring

Video 163 Adding Reply Boxes
also javascript stuff

Video 164 Showing and Hiding the Reply Forms
also javascript

Video 165 Stopping and Starting the Timer
also javascript

video 166 Getting the text from the right textarea
javascript stuff

Video 167 Posting Back JSON Data
Nothing new

Video 168 Giving the User Feedback
javascript stuff

Video 169: Sending Email With Springmail
1- we should add spring-context-support dependency and javax.mail
2- then we add this bean
3- then you wire the bean and use it

to use it

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